We the Pet project are an organization responsible for talking care of our pets, which are the dogs and the cats. Which involves steps taken to make sure that pets lives a comfortable life. We pioneer with the strategies, which protect the pets in our homes like providing them with the best vet services to maintain their health, which is of great essence for their wellbeing. In addition, we commit to offering the communities education and information on the various ways that our pets needs to be taken care of. In case an area is suffering from the over population of the pets, we offer to take the pets away from the area so as to maintain the population which that environment can handle. This helps to maintain the health status of the pets in an area because if left unattended can lead to lack or small amount of foods, which leads to malnourishments.

We are committed to making sure our pets have enough food by coming up with the different food banks so that in case of low food supply for the pets we can offer the food freely to avoid their deaths. In case there is a widespread of a pet disease, we offer free medical attention to the pets through which the owners can bring them for treatment thus controlling the spread and deaths of the pets. In addition we offer accommodation to the homeless pets, we collect them and offer them accommodation and safety in our specialized homes.

Pets are very important animals in our homes, which assists us in our homes to carry out different functions like increasing aesthetic value to the house or even offering companionship to us. They therefore have their rights and should be protected at all costs, which is our own resolve.